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SONY at IFA 2008 & 2009

CAD-Planung, Infrastrukturleistungen sowie administratives Back Up

"We were set an impossible challenge by Sony Europe to deliver 6,000 square metres of event space in Berlin in an impossibly short time frame. It would have been near impossible without EPS' constant, efficient, cost effective and flexible support. EPS provided the resources and full administrative back up that enabled our production office to be operational within days - in advance of the full team arriving. Their local knowledge and contacts were then critical over the 12 week duration, sourcing, at different times, everything from CAD technicians to performing artists to operational event managers. When we next work in Germany, EPS will be our first port of call."
Ben Johnson, General Manager of FREEstate, Sep. 2008 (Project: SONY@IFA 2008)
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