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Published on 2016-01-29

Sydney Festival partners with eps Australia

for infrastructure behind the scenes

eps Australia partners with Sydney Festival, the annual celebration of art, culture and ideas that takes over the incredible city of Sydney every January. Without the contribution of infrastructure from eps Australia some of these amazing events would not have been possible. By supplying behind the scenes infrastructure such as temporary roadways, ground protection and crowd control barriers for a number of their events, eps have played an important role in helping Sydney Festival.

“Our partnership with eps has introduced us to a professional and motivated company that is focused on getting our event on. They have been flexible and responsive to the needs of our diverse event. The product is great but it's the company that has made the difference!”

- John Bayley, head of Production for Sydney Festival

eps is proud to have been an important part of these events in 2015 and 2016 and looks forward to working with Sydney Festival again next year. eps proudly supports Sydney Festival’s Domain, Summer Sounds, Symphony in the Domain, Opera in the Domain, Festival Village and Ephemeral City events during this time.

“We take pride in knowing our partners can trust us with important roles in the planning of their events. The success of these events is just as important to us as it is to our clients and partners“

- Andrew Stone, Managing Director of eps Australia

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