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A professional turf-protection system for medium loads

Technical Data

Materialhardened polythene with UV stabilizer
Dimension75 cm x 75 cm pinned together in blocks of 6 at
the factory and shipped on pallets
Weightpoint load 20 mm sq = 590kgs
spread load 15 cm = 9,000kgs
Surfacethe solid, totally overlapping and interlocked floor
ensures that there are no trip hazards and it has
an integral non-slip surface
Colourstranslucent natural material, which allows passage
of light, ensuring grass growth
Transporta 13.5 m (45 foot) trailer or container will carry
ca. 1,296 m2
AccessoriesTerraflor keys, edge ramps



Terraflor is designed for use on both natural and artificial turf, such as football fields, golf courses, and other outdoor fields. It is ideal for uneven or sensitive surfaces as its interlocking, flexible design allows it to flow across the field with ease.


Terraflor is designed to stop fluids and dirt passing to the field by using raised, specially designed breathing holes. Each panel overlaps adjacent panels, locking together and preventing gaps.

Optional Extras

We offer delivery, installation, removal, and cleaning. Upon request, we can supply special ramps in safety orange and other highly visible colors. When using Terraflor on artificial turf, we recommend PE foil or Geotextile for extra protection of the subsurface.


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