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A professional turf-protection system for medium loads




Technical Data

Materialhardened polythene with UV stabilizer
Dimensions(l x w x h)
per panel:
1.00 x 1.00 x 0.06 m (39 x 39 x 3 in)
delivery unit for stadium coverage:
2.00 x 2.00 x 0.06 m (79 x 79 x 2 in)
Weight11.00 kg per 1.00 m² (2.25 lbs per 1.00 ft²)
Surfaceanti-slip strips, pedestrian friendly
Colorwhite with green or grey stripes
AccessoriesTerraplas key, transport dollies, ramps,
cable duct elements
Transportapprox. 1,000.00 m² / 11.00 t
(10,764 ft² / 10.83 ltn) per standard trailer



Terraplas is ideal for protecting sensitive turf on football fields, golf courses, and other outdoor venues. It can also be used as a ventilating substructure for grandstands or other similar constructions.


Terraplas is perforated, allowing air, water, and light to pass through. Thus, depending on weather conditions, it can be left down for up to seven days without damaging the underlying turf and soil. The specially engineered interlocking panels also ensure a completely even surface that is free of trip hazards, and the textured top sides prevent slipping, making Terraplas ideal for high-traffic pedestrian areas and rolling-case transport paths. Installation can be performed by hand with the help of a special transport trolley – no heavy machinery needed.

Optional extras

We offer delivery, installation, breakdown, and cleaning. Upon request, we can also cut panels down to non-standard sizes and supply special ramps in safety orange and other highly visible colors. When using Terraplas on artificial turf, we recommend PE foil or Geotextile for extra protection of the subsurface.


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