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Published on 2016-05-12

eps scandinavia says Hello

- from the other side with infrastructure and services

As Adele gave her two sold out concerts on May 1st 2016 at the Telenor Arena in Oslo, Norway, and on May 3rd at the Forum in Copenhagen, Denmark, eps scandinavia was proud to be able to say “hello from the other side”.

In Oslo as well as in Copenhagen she turned the venues into her own little night clubs as her voice and personality hit each and everyone in the audience with crowds exceeding 21.000 visitors.

eps supported the local promoters with 9.600 Samsonite A folding chairs, GIGS Stage Barriers, Crowd Control Barriers and Cable Protectors. Needless to say, eps scandinavia is looking forward to once again say ‘Hello’ to Adele.

eps scandinavia would like to thank all involved parties for their efforts before, during and after the shows.

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