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Published on 2016-10-25

Around The World With Beyoncé

eps accompanies The World Formation Tour

Starting in April 2016, eps traveled around the world along with Beyoncé’s crew, supplying the monumental production that was her Formation World Tour with infrastructure support services.

As one of the Top 5 Highest Grossing Tours of the Year according to the magazine Pollstar, the tour required high quality materials and an expert crew for the 49 shows that took place over the course of six months, across the globe. The tour started its first US leg in Miami, FL, at Marlin’s Ballpark, in front of some 30,000 fans. It jumped across the pond to hit 17 cities across Europe and ended its second US leg in October in East Rutherford, NJ, at Metlife Stadium with a crowd of some 70,000 people. The seven-story fully automated production took three days to build and over 100 trucks to transport from city to city.

This one-of-a-kind production required only the highest quality infrastructure support, provided by eps. eps’ black GIGS stage barricades accompanied the tour on both continents and included special pieces such as corner elements and special cable gates. eps also provided cable protectors (yellow-jackets) with ramps to safeguard both the equipment as well as the audience.

Regionally, eps provided various ground and turf protection systems, depending upon the needs of the different stadiums. For heavy-duty ground protection and optimal weight distribution, eps installed its Arena Panels along with the durable lightweight Matrax system. For sensitive turf surfaces, the driveable ArmorDeck was used as well as the Terraplas, Terraflor, and Supa-Trac turf protection systems, all suitable for medium loads.

As massive of a production Beyoncé’s Formation World Tour was and with such a full touring schedule, Live Nation Global Touring trusted the premium services and materials that only eps could provide worldwide. eps is proud to have been the infrastructure supplier for Beyoncé’s Formation World Tour.

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