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Published on 2017-11-03

eps america now offers the Archer 1200 hostile vehicle mitigation barrier for rental

Certified Portable Vehicle Barrier Available to Support Largest U.S. Outdoor Event Market

eps america has partnered with Meridian Rapid Defense Group (MRDG) to offer the Archer 1200 vehicle mitigation barrier for rental in the Los Angeles market. The Archer 1200 is the best-in-class portable drop & stop solution meeting both the U.S. Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security guidelines as well as Europe’s PAS68 certification standards.

The barrier rental program is being debuted in the Los Angeles market to address the number of yearlong outdoor events and the growing risk of pedestrian assaults by hostile vehicle attack. This rental program allows future and current eps america customers access to the most effect portable hostile vehicle mitigation available.

“Meridian began as a military solution for rapidly-deployable perimeter security,” said MRDG Founder and CEO Peter Whitford. “Unfortunately, there is now a great need in the public sector as venues, markets and event spaces are often not designed to protect property and pedestrians from rogue vehicle attacks.”

Archer 1200 Barriers are portable, modular and easily moved to allow emergency vehicle access or to react to developing needs. The unique security solution allows for the ability to address problem areas as well as harden perimeters in response to changing threat situations.

eps america is a leading company in equipment rentals and has supplied a wide range of events for the music, sports, film and public event markets. Meridian sought a partnership with eps america to ensure that effective vehicle breach security was available and to displace common solutions like water barriers, aluminum fencing and traffic cones, which are inadequate protection methods.

“Vehicle mitigation needs to be addressed for every public event,” says eps Managing Director, Knute Brye, whose background as a Director of Security has brought him face-to-face with the challenges of providing live event risk solutions in this ever-changing world. “Planners cannot take a responsive approach. With the addition of the Archer 1200 Barrier, event coordinators can employ state-of-the-art engineering to stop vehicle breaches and protect lives, property and reputation.”

eps america looks forward to furthering the availability of event safety and risk solutions to the industry as a whole. The partnership with MRDG is of critical importance in meeting this goal.

About Meridian Rapid Defense Group

MRDG is headquartered in Pasadena, CA and operates in the U.S., Europe, Asia and Australia as perimeter security specialists. MRDG develops anti-vehicle barrier systems that are engineered for speed of deployment. The flexibility of the system allows tactical or military forces to quickly secure politically, economically or environmentally important sites for short and long
durations. Their product line is focused on anchored and unanchored portable vehicle mitigation barriers as well as the supporting elements that ensure a fast and effective deployment.

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