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Published on 2017-02-08

From Rock Shows to Race Tracks

eps america helps build an indoor racetrack inside Miami’s Marlins Baseball Stadium for Race of Champions 2017

eps america’s Arena Panel provided a strong and stable foundation for the fully-paved racetrack at the Race of Champions 2017 motorsports “all-stars” event, held inside the Marlin’s Park Baseball Stadium.

Legends from the world’s biggest motor sport series raced a mix of cars on a brand-new figure-of-eight style track, providing a feast of action for the race fans in the grandstands and watching around the world on television.  This year’s Nation’s Cup was won by Formula 1 Champion Sebastian Vettel bringing team Germany their 7th victory in the annual event, and was broadcast on live television worldwide.

This unique Race of Champions 2017 involves building a track inside a stadium, and eps america’s ground protection was key in preventing damage to the playing surface. The eps team started by laying its strong and unique aluminum Arena Panel flooring from what was Center Field to Home Plate and branched out along the baselines.

Roughly six inches of gravel was laid on top, followed by a two-inch coat of asphalt. eps’s LD Panels protected the entrances to the field for Race of Champions 2017 from damage as heavy equipment such as bull dozers entered and exited the facility.

eps america's Project Manager onsite, Peter Gacek, commented: "After almost a forty-hour load-in it was amazing how it still had the appearance of a baseball stadium, which was part of the appeal for the overall production.”

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