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Ground Protection

Load balancing and protection for sensitive surfaces


Overview North America

  • Matrax - MatraxMatrax - Matrax
    Ground Protection

    A durable, lightweight system for turf and ground protection all in one

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  • Arena Panels - Arena PanelsArena Panels - Arena Panels
    Ground Protection
    Arena Panels

    An extra heavy-duty ground-protection system that is pedestrian friendly

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  • LD Panels - LD PanelsLD Panels - LD Panels
    Ground Protection
    LD Panels

    A lightweight roadway system for short-term use

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  • Hexagon - HexagonHexagon - Hexagon
    Ground Protection

    A universal ground cover for uneven or irregularly shaped surfaces

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  • Remopla - RemoplaRemopla - Remopla
    Ground Protection

    A heavy-duty ground cover for sensitive surfaces

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