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A professional turf-protection system for medium loads

Technical Data

Materialpolypropylen copolymer
Dimensions (l x w x h)0,91 x 0,225 x 0,035 m per element
2,745 x 1,145 x 0,035 m per unit (cover)
2,80 x 1,195 x 1,17 m per palett (loading)
(2,50 x 1,20 x 0,12 m palett size)
Weigth2,18 kg per element
32,70 kg per unit
Transport94,29 m² per special pallet,
approx. 1.508,64 m² per standard trailer



Supa-Trac is a temporary pitch covering system for protecting football fields, golf courses, and other sensitive surfaces.


Supa-Trac is slightly perforated, allowing light, air and, water to the ground below. Depending on the underground it can be left down for up to five days without damaging the underlaying turf and soil. Supa -Trac system comes with a patented locking clip system. To unlock the sections after use only a simple screwdriver is needed. Thus it is very easy to make cutouts for pillars, front of house or delay towers.
Due to the special connection between the elements, Supa-Trac fields remain flexible and can adapt to slightly uneven surfaces. One Supa-Trac unit corresponds to 15 elements, quick and easy to be layed by teams of two.

Optional extras

We offer delivery, installation, breakdown, and cleaning. Upon request, we can also put panels down to non standard sizes and supply special ramps colored black or yellow.


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