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Touring Business

On tour worldwide with eps

Since the main source of income for artists has become the live event sector, tours are getting longer and longer. The frequency of the shows per week is increasing and the routings demand a lot from the workers involved.

At the same time, it is more relevant than ever to ensure continuity regarding the infrastructure for extensive tour productions, as it can be directly related to safety and in case of quality issues may even lead to cancelled shows.

From the very beginning, eps has been growing alongside the demands of its clients – which is why over the last couple of years we have been expanding our offer to include the touring sector.

The worldwide company network we have in place allows us to offer the same standards for every single show of the tour and reduce costs at the same time.
Our expert staff has years of experience working on tours and will support productions already in the planning phase in order to deliver the best solutions for the local requirements, including regional laws and regulations as well as efficient transport logistics.

eps now has special offers for tour equipment:
When it comes to our tour equipment for catering and dressing rooms, we guarantee the same standard for every setup and make the job easy on the tour catering staff and the crew. Our different ground covers comply with the regulations of local stadiums and authorities and respond to requirements like turf protection and heavy-duty compatibility.
For tour managers it is easier to work with the same barriers in all countries that comply with any security standard. Routing plans and tight schedules for concert setup and dismantling can be handled safely and in a cost- and time-efficient way.
And last but not least: Our „allbuyone Tour Cases“ are every stage manager’s dream. He will receive all consumable material needed from one single source - from fluorescent gaffa tape to cable ties or molton, including 24-hour reorder service.

eps makes Plug and Play a reality.

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