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Published on 2013-08-13

Take the Crown Tour 2013

eps on tour with Robbie Williams through Europe und Scandinavia

And still: he is the one! Robbie Williams convinces not only his fans of his quality as a real entertainer. eps is also participating on this tour: as part of the “touring-set” as well as local supplier of infrastructure and services.

425 meters of black and silver eps' GIGS Stage Barriers plus special and curve elements are touring with Robbie Williams through Europe and Scandinavia at the moment. The eps barricades provide heavy-duty protection of stages, front of house (FoH) and the delay towers in the infield area of the venue. Additional special elements like GIGS corners enable to secure unusual stage forms or catwalks: Vario and Flex Corners especially designed to picture edges, Access Gates and Multicore Gates to form passages for security staff or cable bridges.
Beside the GIGS Stage Barriers the eps tour package also contains compatible security gates. They ensure safe and controlled access to the “Superfan-Zone” in front of the stage. Altogether 14 GIGS gates are on tour at the moment.
Third “eps-tour-member“ are 280 meters of XXL cable protectors. The system eps uses on this tour, can easily be plugged together to expand the amount of ducts as needed. They are used to protect the cables used during the show and to eliminate trip hazards for the audience at the same time. Special ramps enable to drive on these XXL cable protectors with forklifts or trucks.

Beside the “touring-set“eps delivers additional equipment for the shows at several venues. Products like turf protection system “Terraplas”, ground protection systems like “Arena Panels”, barrier systems like crowd-control barriers and fencing, additional security gates and production vehicles like Gator or Club Cars are in use.

Last stops of the „Take the Crown“ Tour in Europe and Scandinavia are August 16th in Zurich (Switzerland), August 20th in Tallinn (Estonia) and last but not least 25th in Stavanger (Norway).

In 2006 eps has been the first time on tour with Robbie Williams during the “Closed Encounters Tour”. As the supplier of GIGS stage barriers installed as wave breakers and turf protection system Terraplas used to protect the turf in the stadiums.


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