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Printed fence banners and flags

Individual textile prints as signage and advertising



Printed fence banners and flags are useful at every event. Printed with rescue signs
such as “Emergency Exit” or graphics such as “Sanitary Facilities”, they help guide
visitors at events and provide an added level of safety.
Banners mounted on mobile fences and tarps can serve as visibility protection, or
combined with sponsor logos, as additional promotional and advertising space.


Our printed fence banners and flags are flame retardant per DIN 4102-B1 and well
suited for outdoor as well as indoor use. The textiles used are inherently stable,
weather and UV resistant (2 - 3 years), and can be used under all outdoor conditions.
Our printed fence banners are can be tailored to standard mobile fences of
3.41 x 1.76 m (134 x 69 in). The all-round loops permit easy and proper assembly.
Banners can be made of air permeable gauze or tarp material.
All flags have high-quality seams and eyelets on the left side for professional
fastening. For flagpoles with booms we feature versions with a hemstitch on the
top edge for fastening. Our standard dimension for flags is 4.00 x 1.50 m (157 x 59 in).
Apart from flags for standard flagpoles, we also have mobile fence flags in a
4.00 x 1.00 m (157 x 39 in) format. For both flag versions, masts and racks can be
ordered from eps.

Optional Extras

We stock common commercial icons as well as “Emergency Exit”, “WC” or
“Medical Orderly” in our warehouse. We can provide custom banner or flag designs
according to your individual requirements or in special formats.
Upon request, we can deliver cable and rubber straps for fastening banners and


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