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Published on 2016-04-07

eps writes rock history

... with infrastructure at the Rolling Stones concert in Havana

The Rolling Stones gave their first and free historic rock concert in front of almost half a million people on March 25th 2016, in Havana. eps was part of this spectacular event with infrastructure behind the scenes.

The concert was packed with 500.000 visitors at the open air venue, Havana´s Ciudad Deportiva. Anyone, who was not able to fit in the venue, listened from nearby rooftops and balconies. For the opening of the show a virtual Cuban flag exploded and the characteristically colorful Cuban Oldtimers drove through streets past laughing people on the big screens. "Bienvenidos a La Habana" appeared and with it the rock idols Keith Richards, Ron Wood and Charlie Watts entered the stage. Followed by Mick Jagger who shouted “We know that years ago it was difficult to listen to our music here in Cuba, but here we are, playing for you in your beautiful land. I think that finally things have changed, haven’t they?” The Stones played their best classics a little over two hours like “Jumpin’ Jack Flash“ and “(I Can´t Get No) Satisfaction” as the final song. With this music milestone their Latin America tour ended.

This great show presented itself with certain challenges because there hasn´t been anything comparable to this open air event before in Cuba. Therefore, the whole necessary infrastructure was missing. For this reason, 61 containers were shipped to the island, 6 of them were filled with eps material. Moreover, a team of 8 eps supervisors from all over the world accompanied the sensational Stones concert for almost four weeks to support the set-up and dismantling of all the material. eps delivered and installed 1200 sq. m. of the heavy-duty ground protection system Arena Panels to provide backstage access roads. Furthermore 600 m GIGS Stage Barriers and 600 m Mobile Fences were used to structure and secure the gigantic live event. Additional equipment like Production Vehicles and Modular Cable Protectors ensured that everything ran smoothly behind the scenes.

The eps team is pleased with the successful outcome and is proud to be a part of this historic rock event and thanks Concerts West for their trust and the great cooperation with everybody involved.

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