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Published on 2013-09-17

The Wall Tour 2013

Rock Legend Roger Water’s Concert Infrastructure Provider

eps has been taking part in the final shows of Roger Water’s gigantic stage spectacle “The Wall.” This spectacular event has been touring since 2011 and has been called one of the most successful tour-projects of all time. Since Roger Waters has the highest standards in terms of stage, show, and technical excellence, the tour needed a top-notch partner to provide infrastructure equipment. “The Wall” counts on the professional services of infrastructure provider eps: from ground protection to stage barriers to security gates and open-air-seating. eps infrastructure is not just a local equipment supplier but also a touring supplier that contributes reliably to the realization of this unique rock-masterpiece.

eps on tour

340 meters of eps´ black GIGS stage barriers are on tour with “The Wall”, featuring elements like the multifaceted vario corners, built-in gates and special “multicore-gates” with integrated cable pass-throughs. Together with other unique sections, GIGS barricades integrate cleanly with even the most unique stage designs.

Also featured are 370 meters of cable protectors, including the modular AMS system. Professional cable bridges make cable crossing safe and easy for production vehicles while minimizing trip hazards for staff and concert-goers alike.

Its an exciting logistical challenge for eps to plan the construction with a wide variety of products: Its no easy feat when you factor in the huge dimension of a rock-opera and the number of shows. eps meets these challenges by adapting equipment to each individual venue. To accomplish this, two supervisors guarantee the professional on-site equipment management while the in-house logistics department coordinates routing and transport of the eps material.

eps as local supplier

eps also provides specialized equipment at different venues to suit the needs of local production. Ground protection such as Matrax and Remopla or turf protection like SupaTrac and Terraplas may be chosen to provide the best results at every location. Furthermore, the organizers at German and Polish events rely on eps´ open-air-seating, which provide the visitors with a comfortable and relaxed concert experience. Some shows use eps site material, such as production vehicles and flagpoles, and can use the affiliated company allbuyone for additional equipment.

As this unique tour comes to an end at the end of September in Paris, eps employee Sebastian Tobie is excited about how this major project has concluded as “unproblematic and uncomplicated”.

eps is proud to have successfully completed its first tour with “The Wall’s” London-based organizer 641-Productions. eps’s many years of experience and absolute professionalism gives this new client an infrastructure service provider that they can rely on for preparation and realization of this incredible show.

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